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SmarterMail webmail interfaces

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This just started today, but it seems like the Webmail interface for SmarterTools SmarterMail server is being blocked.  My guess would be the SignalR library for live updates.

SmarterTools website: https://www.smartertools.com/

SmarterMail server download: https://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/downloads

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I figured you would want something like that, so just searched for it:

02/12/20    " 08:40:25.358"    170063984    0ffc    20a4    INFO    MwacLib    MwacLibImpl::InvokeBlockCallback    "mwaclibimpl.cpp"    251    "Connection blocked! ProcessId=13840 ProcessPath=C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Domain=mobile.truemail.com Address= Port=443 Category=Trojan"
02/12/20    " 08:40:25.358"    170063984    0ffc    20a4    INFO    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::InvokeBlockNotificationCallback    "mwaccontrollerimplhelper.cpp"    1899    "Block notification callback 'mobile.truemail.com' '' 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'"
02/12/20    " 08:40:25.370"    170064000    0ffc    20a4    INFO    MWACControllerCOM    CMWACController::WebsiteBlockedNotificationCallback    "mwaccontroller.cpp"    1550    "Malicious Website Protection, ipBlockList,, mobile.truemail.com, 443, Outbound, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
02/12/20    " 08:40:25.370"    170064000    0ffc    1df0    INFO    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::InvokeBlockNotificationCallbackImpl    "mwaccontrollerimplhelper.cpp"    1945    "Block notification callback impl 'mobile.truemail.com' '' 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'"
02/12/20    " 08:40:25.373"    170064000    0ffc    1df0    INFO    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::InvokeBlockNotificationCallbackImpl    "mwaccontrollerimplhelper.cpp"    1987    "White list disposition (0) for 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'"
02/12/20    " 08:40:25.388"    170064015    0ffc    1e08    INFO    MWACControllerCOM    CMWACController::TelemetryDataCallbackV2    "mwaccontroller.cpp"    1953    "Successfully sent the block event data to telemetry server."


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