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Intel\s - Clear Linux project - Superior Performance To Fedora Or Ubuntu

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It's Time To Pay Attention To Intel's Clear Linux OS Project


Intel's Clear Linux Project has been on my radar for months, mainly because of its sheer dominance over traditional Linux distributions -- and often Windows -- when it comes to performance. From time to time I check in on the latest Phoronix benchmarks and think to myself "I really need to install that." Up until recently though, the installer for Clear Linux was anything but intuitive for the average user. It also looked considerably dated. Version 2.0 gives the installer a complete overhaul. Check it out:

Even With A $199 Laptop, Clear Linux Can Offer Superior Performance To Fedora Or Ubuntu


An Overview of Intel’s Clear Linux, its Features and Installation Procedure



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Perhaps a bit too trimmed down for the average user and don't even go on about an average Windows user switching over. Even with a full featured installation of something like Ubuntu most Windows users would be lost   

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Haven't checked it yet, but performance wise its said to be faster than Ubuntu/fedora.  

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