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Gravity Jet Suit


But all that’s just splitting semantic hairs over one of the coolest inventions of the past couple millenia. This is true, untethered, individual human flight. You can put this on and fly wherever you want, just like you always pretended when you were a kid.

We’ll nitpick a little more and say the suit’s a little on the slow side. It tops out around 32 m.p.h. That’s about the speed of a leisurely country drive or slightly faster than Usain Bolt’s fastest sprint. But what it lacks in stomach-dropping speed, it makes up for in vertigo-inducing height. The suit can achieve altitudes up to 12,000 feet, more than two miles up in the sky. That’s plenty high for us.

Get your own 1,050-horsepower Iron Man jet suit for only US$447,000



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Early prototype versions had jets strapped to your legs as well, but that proved unstable so the main jet is now strapped to your back with the steering jets on your arms.

The one thing it doesn't tell you there is that the fuel you can physically carry lasts for a maximum of about 10 minutes flight, so you won't be jetting to work and back with one.
(And I for one wouldn't like to get too high).

Still that looks like 10 minutes of fun.

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