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Unhelpful summary of scan reports

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I want to look at the list of scan reports, and easily find those that detected anything.  Instead, EVERY single scan report has the title "Scan Report".

My assumption: somebody made the user-hostile decision to keep the titles of the scan reports short and sweet, to avoid spoiling that lovely white space (between "Scan Report" and the date) with anything useful. 

This would be another example of UI designers beguiled by the cult of faux simplicitude.  Whereas we users want nothing more than obviousness.

EXPECTED:  Titles like "Scan Report: no detections" versus "Scan Report: 3 PUPs detected"
EXPECTED:  An easy way to filter the reports, to see only those reports with detections. (Better: delete all those reports with no results.)

Instead, I'm apparently expected to click and read every one of these reports.  Because I live to stroke my security tools?

WORKAROUND EXISTS:  I've written a script that uses grep, sed, awk, and uniq to find the actual detections among all those reports, and print them in reverse chron order, one line each, showing date, source json file, and threat name. That really shouldn't be necessary. But it's clearly an easy fix.

(My rule of thumb: if *I* can write a script to do something, it's thereby provably easy to do.)

- Dan in Boston

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Thank you for the suggestions, I will be sure to pass them on to the Product team for their consideration.

Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions (I already grabbed the ones from your response in the other thread).


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Hi @netpog,

Thank you for the feedback. This is one of the areas of the user interface that we are actively looking to improve.

Starting with the latest component package update available to Malwarebytes beta users, the number of detections in each scan report is displayed within the table of reports.
As the screenshot below shows, there is also the ability to sort the reports in detection count ascending/descending order.


If you'd like to get the beta version installed, you can do so by enabling beta updates (Settings -> General tab -> Beta updates) and manually checking for updates (Settings -> General tab -> Application updates -> Check for updates button).

We hope to make the update containing this feature publicly available in the near future.

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