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BrowserGuard false positives??


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For the past 48 hours or so I am seeing several perfectly mundane sites that I regularly access being blocked by BrowserGuard.

I have added them to the allow list,  but they are still being blocked each time I try to access.  (in the allow list both in the Browserguard window, and the main Malware bytes Premium window).

I can of course click on "I want to continue" option to go to the sites,

The check box for "do not block this site in the future" cannot be selected.

I have submitted a formal ticket to support about this.


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Late on Saturday, Jan 25th, I received Browser Guards blocks on the following sites:


Earlier in the day and before Saturday I had had no trouble accessing these sites.

"do not block this site in the future" can briefly be checked, the screen refreshes, and the checkmark disappears.

"I want to continue.." works for this instance but not for accessing sites again later.

Temporary fix: Manually add sites to allow list checking ALL of these options: Ads / Trackers, Malware, Scams, PUPs. Did not want to spend the time to play with various combos.

MWBG v2.1.8

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13 hours ago, Carson70 said:

"do not block this site in the future" can briefly be checked, the screen refreshes, and the checkmark disappears.


Yesterday I could not see that the check-mark was accepted,  but the screen did seem to jump - it did not look quite like a refresh. 

This morning I do see the check-mark accepted for a fraction of a second before the screen refreshes.      However, I still get the "blocked" notification from Browser Guard for the same sites in question.

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