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Possible False Positive, rightsnet.org.uk


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For some reason MBG Firefox today decided to block 'https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/' due to riskware.

This is a website and forum for professional welfare advisors (you need to be employed as an advisor to join) that I visit daily, it's never been a problem before today.

It is remotely possible that there are some downloadable benefit/pension/other calculation tools on there that may have caused the flag, either something new/updated or MBG has changed it's detections and is picking up something it ignored before?

Please could you check it, thanks.

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Sorry I meant check the FP block in MBG,  I knew VT would show the site as clean and had no qualms making it an exception.

There is/was just that slight possibility of one of the downloadables causing a detection though.

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I spoke too soon - the block on rightsnet is back again.

It does seem to be a blanket domain block on ".org.uk" I have had others today as well.

eg. "www.diydoctor.org.uk" is also blocked by MBG for 'riskware'.

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We seem to be getting more posts confirming this sudden blanket ban on whatever.org.uk

We could blame Brexit for UK sites suddenly being blocked by the rest of the world.

But I suspect that it's the 'double dot' that may be the problem.

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No whitelist.


All .org.uk sites are being blocked for me at the moment unless I make them an exception or disable/uninstall MBG.

Come on Malwarebytes, a TLD block on .org.uk?

I have always though TLD blocks are overkill, to me it seems a lazy way of doing things.
Don't allow connections to any sites on a domain and you stand zero chance of getting infected from those sites.
Whilst it will always work it's not quite what users expect.


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