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My Website Blacklisted for Malware Activity

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I write for blog TrishTech.com which is active for 11 years and Malwarebytes Browser Guard has blocked entire domain "because it may contain malware activity".

It gives no explanation where the malware is?

Please explain so that I can work towards removal of the malicious code, or if it is a false positive then kindly remove the blacklist.

Latest VirusTotal report for this URL is 100% Clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/fde4f6e0b1836db8386ff13ce9be169bb50fa8c8fb862b6aa82772f3b0cd8f22/detection

Thank you so much.

Admin, TrishTech.com

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google's "safe browsing" doesn't detect anything at "trishtech.com" and it doesn't show that anything malicious has ever been flagged there.


i guess that doesn't necessarily mean that it is clean. it is possible that something has somehow been detected there that we just don't know about at this point.

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Thank you for looking into it.

We are in the process of switching to the latest WordPress soon, but older version of WordPress should not be flagged as Trojan. ☹️

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Thank you for removing the block so fast 😊👍

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interestingly, trishtech.com is down, probably because it got hacked, due to its not being kept up-to-date when came to wordpress software and wordpress plugins:



i don't know if that was why MBG blocked it, because of its being a high security-risk, due to its not being properly maintained, but, if that was the reason, it was a good thing.

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No the site was not hacked.

Really Simple SSL plugin in Wordpress was auto-updated, something messed up and it caused a problem with Cloudflare connection.

Manual removal of this plugin is not working 😒

After this I will have to restore Wordpress install from backup.

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trishtech, I see your website is back up. it looks good.

i was familiar with the website. I found some useful information there, in the past.

thanks for being patient with me.

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