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Taigan Lion Park - Where Lions Hug Tourist

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Lion in Crimean safari park filmed cuddling with tourists, weeks after woman hurt by different lion there


Tourists at the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea had a personal encounter with a lion when it climbed into their buggy and began nuzzling and licking them.

The owner of the park in Ukraine, 50-year-old Oleg Zubkov, was driving the park's open-air buggy when the incident happened.

In a video uploaded on Canadian news website CTV News on Thursday (Sept 6), Mr Zubkov strokes the lion's face briefly before it climbs into the vehicle.


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That's awesome.  They're like great big kitties :) 

Of course those great big kitties could rip you to shreds in the wild, but I'd still love to visit that park and get up close with the more tame ones.

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@exile360The park is famous for this lion show in open vehicles and in Russia. whether tamed or not can't trust those big cats which can change behaviour any moment, as even tamed elephants turn against their mahouts when they go mad when they turn more aggressive, bulkier when there testosterone levels go up when in state of 'Musth'..

so, pretty dangerous..

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Of course there are other stories about that particular 'attraction' -



A woman was reportedly mauled by a lion after entering its enclosure to pose for photographs with the big cat.
Olga Solomina, 46, is thought to have been attacked by the animal during a visit to Taigan safari park in Crimea, Ukraine.




Taigan safari park has endured controversy in the past, when the body of worker Maxim Yakovlev was discovered at the zoo covered in serious wounds.



Crimean Zoo Owner Asks Public to Adopt 30 Bears – Or He'll Kill Them.


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yes, these happenings are also there  and there is also the YT video of animal abuse in the park and lions fighting inside the park and even mauling one lion by a group with the zoo officials looking on. but still the park is famous for the lion show..

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