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List of scanned locations and files

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Is there a list of folders and files created as a scan is in process -- would like to see where the program is looking and where it isn't.

The reason I'm trying to find this out, is that I am getting different results depending on which version of Malwarebytes I run. Version 1.3.1 shows more information during the scan process -- actually see names of things that it's scanning in a small dialog box that has a progress bar, but v3 or v4 do not show this information, and in fact the v1.3.1 version finds a "threat" that neither the newer v3 or v4 find. Are all versions of MalwareBytes scanning all the disks on my system or just all user folders or just the user folder that is running the scan or ???

Well, the v1.3.1 Malwarebytes doesn't seem to show locations, but threats (I'm guessing, or "scanning for item" is the string I see in the progress window).

Seems like the v1.3.1 scanner takes a lot longer to run -- is it because it's looking at more or because it's not as efficient or ???


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On 1/14/2020 at 6:55 PM, dotcom said:

Is there a list of folders and files created as a scan is in process

Created or do you mean scanned? There is no list of locations being scanned as this is apparently proprietary information that if known would help malware developers (and possibly the competition, I suppose).

Malwarebytes 1.3.1 is technically no longer supported, but I believe it's still receiving database updates. 1.3.1 and version 3 were initially equivalent in detection capability, but since then improvements to versions 3 and now 4 allow them to detect or block things that 1.3.1 cannot.

A lot of users were confused by the information displayed during the scan process and you (are correct it only displayed threats that were currently being scanned for) so that was dropped.

All versions only scan locations on your boot drive and nothing on any other mounted or unmounted drive.

Perhaps the staff can comment on the difference in scanned times. I suspect they are now more efficient. In any case, I think that capability is the main reason you should no longer be using 1.3.1.


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There's no static list of locations scanned, as that can vary. If I were to build a list and give it to you, it could be outdated tomorrow.

As for differences between 1.3.1 and the more recent 3.x and 4.x clients, there are definitely differences in the engine. I would not be at all surprised to see 1.3.1 fail to detect things that 4.x did, as the engine in 4.x is much more capable. I'm also not surprised that 1.3.1 is slower, as it's much older code and there have been many improvements since then. I'd be very surprised, though, to see 1.3.1 detect something that 4.x did not, so I'd love to hear more information about that!

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