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I tried to follow the instructions for opening mbam.exe/developer but it can't find the file.

I have added C:\Program Files (x86)\GreenTree Applications\YTD Video Downloader\ytd.exe to my allow list but it still keeps blocking it.


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Thanks, now I would need the file in order to fix this one, if it is a FP. It should be in the "Quarantined items" section

Detection History --> Quarantined items

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I would need a copy of the file. Can you zip and attach it?

Or if it's easier, upload the file to www.virustotal.com and give me the URL with the information about the file.

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Yes that has the file I was looking for.

This should be fixed by now and the file should no longer be detected. Please give it some time (max 10 minutes) in order to have it populate, so detection won't happen anymore.

If still detected on your end after ~10 minutes from now. Perform the following steps: 

  1. Totally exit/shutdown Malwarebytes.
  2. Go to here in explorer: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService
  3. Delete the following file only: hubblecache
  4. Then you can restart MBAM and the cache file will rebuild on the next scan.
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