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An open letter to Google

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Privacy International and over 50 other organisations have submitted a letter to Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices.


Letter pdf.doc  https://haystack.mobi/papers/preinstalledAndroidSW_preprint.pdf

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I'm positive that Google will soon take action against exploitative software pre-installed on Android devices (and replace it with their own exploitative software pre-installed on Android devices :P).

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  It's just that expecting Google to protect customers' privacy is kind of like asking the wolf to guard your sheep.  He will certainly do his best to scare off other predators, but he'll be snacking on his share of your livestock in the meantime.

It's sad too, because Google really has done some amazing things for consumers, especially with regards to fighting malware and scams (their spam filters and website safety filters are among the best of all the major search providers/email providers), however all the embedded tracking/telemetry in their browsers, services and other software are downright terrifying to the point where they make some actual PUP vendors look tame in comparison.

Anyway, I hope that Google does act on this, especially with the recent issues exposed by Malwarebytes, which is likely the primary reason for this open letter going out to Google in the first place.

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