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False Positive downloading BGL application

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Hi Sir / Madam,

We are from BGL Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd, a software developer company.

A client of ours informed that they were blocked by Malware Bytes Premium 4.04 from downloading our update file.

As the file is over 250MB in size, is there a way for me to upload the file to you for your to add to your white list program? 

Thank you for your kind consideration and time.



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It looks like it's rather a block on the download-location instead of detection of the file? Can you post the download location of the file (url), so we can check?

Also, if you could get the detection log, it would be better.


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2 hours ago, JLBGL said:

Please do let me know if you are blocked from downloading from the link above.

It is the browser Guard extension causing the block. The team responsible for that program will evaluate soon.

Attn: @gonzo @gatortail

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I did not get a Malwarebytes Premium block on the file, though I did get one from Browser Guard.  I whitelisted the file, so let's see if that clears up the issue.  Please give it a few minutes, then try to download the file (emulating what your customer is trying to do).  Let us know if you continue to have any issues with that download.

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