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On advisory from potential website visitor mailwarebytes is blocking my site due to Trojan.

Either this is false-positive or no longer applicable.

ClamAV scan is clean.

www$ sudo clamscan -or . 2>&1 | grep -Pv "Empty file|Symbolic link"

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 6646110
Engine version: 0.101.4
Scanned directories: 40245
Scanned files: 56514
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 3081.06 MB
Data read: 3073.43 MB (ratio 1.00:1)
Time: 652.775 sec (10 m 52 s)

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3 hours ago, sleemanj said:

Sorry I don't understand what that means, I don't use Windows so I'm not familiar with your software sorry.

The viewer gave this information...

-Website Data-
Category: Trojan
Domain: sparks.gogo.co.nz
IP Address:


Porthos is referring your site to a member of the staff to check and see if this is a false positive. 😉

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3 hours ago, sleemanj said:

I don't use Windows so I'm not familiar with your software sorry.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard is a free browser add for Firefox and Chrome. It is a separate program from the flagship program Malwarebytes Premium.

This section you posted in is for the main program and I alerted a staff member responsible for the browser add-on to evaluate you site for removal/whitelisting.

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