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MBG for Firefox-for-Android


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the mobile version of the firefox browser allows for using extensions however the mozilla-adds website is not set up to where people can get the "malwarebytes browser guard" for the mobile version of firefox. of course MBG is available for the regular version of firefox. it needs to also be made available for the mobile version of firefox, at the mozilla-addons website.

i don't know if malwarebytes is responsible for setting that up or if mozilla is. i would think that malwarebytes is responsible for arranging for MBG to be available for the mobile version of firefox.


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Outdated Malwarebytes Browser Guard 1.0.47 is easily installed but also fails to block.

Someone from Malwarebytes might like to update things at AMO, for https://addons.mozilla.org/android/addon/malwarebytes/versions/ to not present any version of the extension as working with Android. Avoid a false sense of security.

Both Emsisoft Browser Security and Avast Online Security appear to be incompatible.

The table below lists some alternatives, maybe one of these will be compatible with Android:


Source: Test of web browser extensions for protection against malicious software | AVLab.pl

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grahamperrin, i have the MBG extension, build 2.1.7, installed in firefox on my android tablet and it works fine, for me.

it blocked the "banner.nalsee" URL that you posted.

here is another link for testing MBG's web-protection:


i am guessing that, if MBG build 2.1.7 is not working on your android device it is because it didn't properly install. again, it works fine for me on my android tablet, with the firefox browser.

(i prefer using the chrome browser but the mobile version of chrome doesn't allow for using extensions so i use the firefox browser instead, on my android tablet, which allows me to use extensions like "adblock plus," "noscript" and MBG, to make it more secure}

(i tried using the kiwi browser, which is built on chromium and allows for  using extensions,  but found that it had bugs, and bugs, and more bugs)


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It likely also depends greatly on the version of Android you're device is running, the version of browser you have installed and the way that web connectivity within the device functions.  There are a lot of variables involved.  Also, if you use any sort of VPN or IP concealment tool this too will cause Malwarebytes Browser Guard to fail to function properly as such tools modify how your browser sees the websites you visit (it doesn't see the true IP address of their servers if you are using a VPN or similar tool so blocking will fail for any site that is blacklisted based on IP; this is also true for any other blocking filters/extensions like ad blockers and the like).

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On 1/6/2020 at 3:53 AM, exile360 said:

a lot of variables


In my case, I imagine that factors in failure include the version of Android and the available resolutions.

Not expecting support, just for the record …

Malwarebytes Browser Guard installed and enabled:


I removed the extension, closed Firefox, reinstalled the extension:


Switched to landscape, still no menu button:


Retested http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/


Removed the extension, closed Firefox, shut down Android, started Android, started Firefox, added the extension, on this occasion there was an invisible requirement to enter my e-mail address. Visible only after I chose Malwarebytes from the Firefox menu.

After activating the extension I retested with http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/ and again, IP protection failed, I closed the tab.

Statistics initially showed some things blocked this week but (maybe the known issue with 2.1.7) statistics showed nothing blocked today.

A later view of today's statistics showed some blocking so I reopened the tab and found it blocked.

Closed the tab, uninstalled the extension, added the extension, no requirement to activate (no need to enter my e-mail address), retested with http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/ and again, IP protection failed, closed the tab, reopened the tab, the block succeeded.

If we ignore the absence of the Malwarebytes menu button, I might have an explanation for the apparently random failures …

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on my android tablet, with the mobile version of the firefox browser, the buttons for the extensions don't appear in the browser's toolbar/address bar but the extensions are listed in the drop-down menu that opens when you click the three dots in the address bar, for opening the drop-down menu, where you have "settings," "bookmarks," "tools" etc listed and you can click on the extensions, there, the same as if they were buttons in the toolbar/address bar.

the way that i managed to install the MBG extension, with the mobile version of firefox on my android tablet, i went to the malwarebytes.com webpage where they have the malwarebytes products listed, including MBG, and i clicked the button there for getting MBG for firefox which took me to the mozilla-addons webpage with MBG, except that the buttons, there, are greyed out saying that the extension  is not for the mobile version of firefox.

then i go to "all versions" where it list the history of all of the versions of MBG. the buttons are greyed out there, too, but, none the less, i rightclick on the button, there, for MBG 2.1.7, and then "copy address." then i open a new tab in FF and paste the address there and then MBG proceeds to install. MBG works fine for me with the mobile version of FF on my android tablet.

i did run into a problem with MBG's GUI. i added a URL to the "allowed websites"-list and the button for removing the allowed URL was missing. the only way i could resolve the problem was to uninstall MBG and then reinstall it.

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7 hours ago, gatortail said:

We do not support Firefox on Android at this time.

Understood 👍 – thanks.

2.1.8 at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/3481661/malwarebytes_browser_guard-2.1.8-fx.xpi

18 hours ago, grahamperrin said:

… an explanation for the apparently random failures …

Maybe Mozilla bug 1378459 - (webextensions-startup) [meta] Allow some addon functionality to load prior to any content loading, which features in this topic:


  1. Use Firefox browser on desktop
  2. browse this topic
  3. send http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/ to Firefox on an Android device where Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.1.7 is enabled and activated


  • a block, on the Android device

Actual result

  • not blocked.


Alternative steps, with the same Android device

  1. Use Google Chrome on the device
  2. browse this topic
  3. share  http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/ to Firefox.
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