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Something called "Searchmine.net" on my MacBook??

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Help!! .. I clicked on an email to update adobe reader .. Now, when I open a new tab on Chrome, instead of getting the Google Search homepage, I get something that's mimics 

google, says "search" in Google colors .. the tab says "Searchmine.net" .. I purchased Malwarebytes to get rid of it, but it's still here, and a scan does not show that is still here ???

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I have the same issue with Searchmine!!  PLEASE HELP!  How can I use Malwarebytes to remove this and prevent it coming back?  THAT'S THE REASON I DOWNLOADED MALWAREBYTES AND CAN'T SEE HOW TO PINPOINT THIS MALWARE AND REMOVE IT!!  I do NOT have time to read through the massive amounts of data on this site.  JUST WANT THE PROBLEM FIXED.

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YES I tried the various remedies in TREED's "How to remove the after-effects of adware" TO NO AVAIL!  Not all apply to me.  I'm using Chrome, although Safari sometimes thinks it's in control but I can't remove Safari apparently - different issue, I can deal with Safari being a brat)  I need to REMOVE SEARCHMINE, and reset my default back to Chrome.  PLEASE HELP BEFORE I HAVE TO SPEND $  and take my MAC into a service center - who may not be able to fix it anyway.

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You say you tried various remedies, but since you are using Chrome, the most important one in your case is to "Nuke Chrome". Did you follow all the steps listed there?

In all probability, the staff won't visit here until tomorrow, so you may need to put up with this until tomorrow.

New variants of this kind of adware are being found almost daily, so you may well have discovered one.

Recommend you submit a system report created with the help of below article (please don't post the zip file here).


Instead, log a support ticket with help of below link and attach the file with the email


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