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Amazon S3 Blocked


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can you give an example of a website-URL where this is an issue?

if browser guard is blocking a "suspicious download," that is what it is suppose to do.

browser guard has options for disabling protection against malware for specific websites. have you tried disabling the protection for the specific website so that you then can download the suspicious files?

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On 1/4/2020 at 5:56 AM, knee said:

When attempting to access anything hosted on S3 I'm getting  blocked messages 'Website blocked due to a suspicious download' for https://s3.amazonaws.com/ 

I need something more specific than that to investigate.  As an example, a specific download link that triggers a block.

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I too, am experiencing the same problem. No matter what I try to open that is being hosted on Amazon s3, I get "Website blocked due to a suspicious download" .

A file that is unzipped, opens without any problems, either a .pdf file or a graphic file:



But if these files are zipped, it doesn't work, a user gets the " suspicious download" message:



What can I do at this point? 

Thank you for any suggestions you might have.


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Thank you.

Unfortunately, this only works for this particular file that I submitted in my first post.

This does not work for other files. It looks as every zipped file (38 GB+) is being blocked as

"Website blocked due to a suspicious download"

I've been dealing with this all day. I have tested this on 23 files, then I downloaded the entire server to my computer and everything seems to be ok. 

Is there a way to whitelist my enitre amazon site?



I also noticed something else. If I open the same zip files in Firefox which also uses Malwarebytes Browser Guard, I am able to download them without any problems.

In Chrome, I get the "Website blocked due to a suspicious download".

Thank you.


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I have added a whitelist entry for your entire site.  The problem is that there are so many malicious downloads in EXE and ZIP format, our protection can sometimes "overprotect" you.  If it is your site and you have complete control over the contents, you can choose to add an exclusion -- one-time or at all times -- by making a selection just to the right of the GO BACK button.

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