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Tool/Hack to bypass ESU checking - Extended Support Windows 7 Updates

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A BleepingComputer article here details a new hack/tool that enables any Windows 7 system to receive the paid Extended Security Updates (ESU) from Microsoft (something normally only available to enterprise customers, and then only if they pay a yearly subscription for each device they wish to continue receiving patches for).

Much like the wufuc utility that allows installing updates on Windows 7 systems using newer/unsupported CPUs, this utility bypasses Microsoft's barriers to continue running Windows 7.  The tool was developed and posted at the My Digital Life forums and is available to download there for MDL forum members.

So the question is, is it worth patching/modding your system to continue receiving security updates through the next 3 years (assuming Microsoft doesn't somehow break this 'hack' so that it no longer works; though I suspect they won't unless things get too out of hand as they still have yet to do anything about tools like wufuc which have been available for a long time now), or are you confident that you can get by without the updates MS might produce for Windows 7 for the next 3 years?  On the other hand, is it time to throw in the towel and take the free upgrade to Windows 10, or better yet buy a Mac or switch to some flavor of Linux?

Personally, I've already planted my flag.  I'll be sticking it out with Windows 7, however I likely won't be using this hack to enable extended updates.  I'll be relying instead on my extensive, paranoid security measures to lock down the operating system (a policy that has already proven itself to be quite robust as my systems were immune to the Wannacry/WannaCrypt0r ransomware and associated EternalBlue exploit even before Microsoft patched it thanks to the fact that I had everything associated with sharing and remote access crippled and/or removed and/or disabled from the beginning).

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