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two unusual update of Malwarebytes browser guard

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hello there .

I received an updated for Malwarebytes browser guard version 2.1.7 as of yesterday and I have received another update of the Malwarebytes browser guard version 2.1.5 which have to replaced 2.1.7 already, I think . anyway I was on version 2.1.5. before then updated to 2.1.7 .then as of today update to 2.1.5 ?!

how is this even possible ? is there a broken update or something went wrong ?

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I'm still running version 2.1.7 and when I check for updates in Firefox it shows No Updates Found. Still running 2.1.7.

That's odd for an update to go to the previous version and why didn't it go back when I checked for updates. Could be a glitch??

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@gatortail My Firefox web-browser is still found two extensions updates are available , I checked with add-ons manager and the message is still displayed in there (checked as of yesterday and today) .

screenshots are attached .






@Popeye yes this might be a Glitch or something else  . I still not have a clue ,

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I would suggest trying to uninstall Malwarebytes Browser Guard, close your browser, re-open your browser, then reinstall the latest version from the Mozilla store and see if that resolves it.  It's possible that there is some kind of corruption in the installation causing this.

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I would do a Shift-Refresh just in case your browser showed some fondness for its cache.  It wouldn't be the first time.

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Just rarely – not specific to this extension – there's a silent failure to update.

With earlier versions of Firefox, it was relatively easy to see symptoms such as a progress bar apparently 'stuck' at 100%.

With Mozilla's redesign, problems such as this are obscured.

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