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MBG v. 2.1.7: "Get Full Protection" button back again.


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See my previous post here.

I'm now using latest MBG v. 2.1.7 with FF v. 71.0.0 and just noticed that the "Get Full Protection" button is back again..... (Be advised that it is still not there in Edge Chromium with same MBG version). 


Thank you.

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I have the latest version installed in the Chromium based SRWare Iron browser and the button is present.  It may just display intermittently or on some kind of timer or schedule.

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Hi @gatortail,

I'm running latest version of MB Premium - 1.0.787 with all the protections activated and, as mentioned above, the button is present in FF and not in Microsoft Edge Chromium. 


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I suspect that in my case, the use of tools like DNSCrypt prevent the add-on from being able to verify that Web Protection is installed/active.  It's no big deal as I can live with the banner/button showing up.

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On 1/2/2020 at 1:14 PM, gatortail said:

The "Get Full Protection" button appears if we can not confirm the presence of the Web Protection service of Malwarebytes Premium.

Enhancement requests

Do not invite the user to UPGRADE NOW in environments where upgrades are impossible. Environments not supported for premium versions of Malwarebytes software include:

  • Tier-1 Firefox Browser (desktop) for Linux
  • Tier-3 Firefox Browser (desktop) for FreeBSD – www/firefox

Please stop animating the invitations. Consequent moving targets can be troublesome – consider the very different effects of continue once and cease blocking forever (in close proximity to each other).

Malwarebytes aside: moving targets are never a good idea.

Also, animations versus accessibility. Consider Mozilla bugs such as these: 

From the latter:


… can trigger migraines and nausea, …

– and:


… I am strobe and motion-sensitive. … safety needs. …

All things considered I suggest showing the invitation, only where appropriate: 

  • below the blocking interface
  • static, not animated.


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Linux is not officially supported, so whether the banner is displayed there is irrelevant because Malwarebytes Browser Guard shouldn't be used on Linux, and if it is, then it is at the user's own risk.  Officially, according to the Malwarebytes Browser Guard main page, only Windows and macOS are officially supported, both of which support the Premium version of Malwarebytes.  You can verify this by reviewing the Tech specs listed at the bottom of this page.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Confirmed on both Firefox and SRWare Iron (Chromium based browser); I also checked and it did show the banner when I exited Malwarebytes which makes sense since Malwarebytes wasn't active in memory.  As soon as I launched Malwarebytes again the banner was no longer displayed.

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40 minutes ago, grahamperrin said:

Thanks, any plan to fix the moving target?

What moving target?  As far as I know this issue has been fixed since the last update, version 2.1.9, are you still seeing this issue?

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I watched the video and I'm not sure what this has to do with this topic.  I didn't see the 'Get Full Protection' button/banner which is the issue this thread is about.  If there is a different issue you are experiencing then please create a separate thread about it so that the staff may assist you and hopefully get the issue addressed.

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