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Trojan/Worm Malware inside my Mac?

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I am using a MacBook Air + iPhones. In the past week, I've had a security breach where a 3rd party solicitor has obtained my mobile number, home address, my gmail as well as my iCloud email address and sent emails in to my computer via the gmail account. When I went online to report the crime to the ActionFraud UK website, the verification email from ActionFraud site to my iCloud address wouldn't open via my MacBook (although I could see the first 3 lines of the email in my inbox); I ultimately completed the sign-on and reported on ActionFraud via my Iphone.  Since then, I've received masses of other phishing/weird emails and other odd occurrences such as going online and getting a grey screen/flash to black screen open up instead of safari.  While I have 2 step verification for activity on my account, the 2nd authorization code pops up on my MacBook (as well as my iPhone). I'm concerned that the perpetrator used this ActionFraud email opening action of mine to install a Trojan/Worm inside my computer and has visibility every time I try to update/secure my iCloud account.  Is it possible that the perpetrator has installed malware and has captured  all my data from within my MacBook; or worse is continually monitoring my online or hard drive activity in a shadow form?  I already had Malwarebytes on my system but this continues to report no unusual  activity.   I've changed all passwords etc but if they have access to these changes then what?  Any advice on probability of this scenario and/or guidance on how to address this problem would be appreciated.  Thx.

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There's absolutely no reason, based on what you describe, to suspect that your computer is infected. Receiving unwanted e-mail messages or phone calls is not a symptom of infection, and is unfortunately completely normal these days. Depending on specifics, these events are also either not illegal or are so difficult to prosecute that they might as well not be. Once an e-mail address or phone number starts getting spam messages/calls, the only ways to deal with that are via spam filtering or changing your address or number.

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