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Error when trying to pay for Premium on Android

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I get a warning that my Premium trial period will expire in a few days. When I click "Yearly - $1 per month" I get "Error - Something went wrong on our end. Please try again." I've tried several times over the last week, same result. I tried before I upgraded to Android 10.0 on December 29, and after, same result. Updated Malwarebytes via Google Play. Uninstalled, then reinstalled. Same result. I don't typically have this much trouble when I'm trying to give somebody money! ūüôā

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So the key point is to enable all permissions.  I had this same problem and after one uninstall/reinstall thought I had it licked because the error went away.  But after reading all the critical reviews in Google Play Store, many of which described this problem (and to which MB responded only with an unspecific and stock 'look at our Helps'), I was leary of signing up through the app.

So instead I went right to settings and did what I wanted with permissions.  And then later discovered the in-app signup wouldn't work again.  Gave me serious pause about wether I should signup.  But eventually I did, for more money, from the MB site.  I figured less problems that way.  Especially since the 'Google doesn't give license key' issue was just as confusing at the time, and is also in those critical reviews (and MB's stock answer was the same useless thing).

I read a bunch of their Helps before signup.  They do not reflect the reality of steps needed.  And very disturbingly do not include the most basic security check of manual street/billling address input when using a credit card.  And whereas most sites will say the name must match what is on the card, I only discovered later, by editing my account info, that MB's "full name" had included my middle initial as part of the account "first name".

And why should I have thought to read the forums in any depth for any of this, before signing up?  I figured those were for people already onboard, with problems beyond mere signup.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered posting in the forums required a separate registration, implying that's not the case.

Okay MB, you've got my 2-year-special for 1 whole Android device.  Now please pay that money to someone who will 1) rewrite your Helps, 2) straighten out this whole purchase process, 3) give better responses to problems expressed in the Google Play Store reviews, where people go to say things because they don't know / don't want to / can't, with regard to making those comments instead as a technical support request or forum post.  After all, you've only got your business to lose.

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Please post any feedback, suggestions, feature requests and product ideas in this area for Malwarebytes for Android so that the Product team will be sure to be made aware of them.

This area is for product support for Malwarebytes for Android and the area I linked to is for feedback and feature requests/comments and suggestions.


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