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Information on the correct use of Malwarebytes 4.x

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I use Malwarebytes 4.x and as Browser only Safari (so without Malwarebytes extension, at least for the moment).

My system is Catalina 10.15.2 and Safari is Version 13.0.4 (15608.; I use Ka-Block! as ad-blocker.

With these assumptions, is it possible to know how many hours it takes to set the programmed scan?

Currently (reminiscent of Malwarebytes 3.x) I set it every hour with the updating of the definitions every hour.

Thanks to all

Good evening (at least in Italy)


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Do you mean how long does it take for a scan to complete, or how often should you run a scan?

For the former, that can vary significantly depending on how many files you have, how big they are, and where they are.

As for how often to scan, I frankly think that once per hour is a bit excessive. We have recently changed the default to once per day, which I think is more reasonable. This does not change any existing scans you already had set before upgrading, though, so if you want to change it to daily you can do so manually.

For the protection update check, that depends on whether you've got Premium or not. If you are using real-time protection, you want those protection updates as frequently as they're available. For manual scanning or scheduled scans, there's an update check before the scan, so the interval is fairly irrelevant (although it's still important to have it turned on so you have the latest updates any time you happen to be offline and want to scan).

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Thanks for all the clarifications.
I meant the scan frequency and now I will set it once a day.
Obviously I will leave the updating frequency of the definitions every hour.
The duration of the scan, in my case never exceeds 20/25 seconds, often lasts less than 10 seconds


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