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No mail or web after malwarebytes unstall

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Hi there. Please help!! After installing and running your free program, my web browsers (safari and chrome) along with Mac mail does not work. Please help. Attached is a pic of the browser screen and the quarantine log. I tried to restore what it deleted by it I got an error and it did not restore the files.2E64F4A7-3212-463D-9BAA-5C1AE8CFB4C7.jpeg.438dc5044c7fbce05ff599b09b88e38e.jpeg


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  • Staff

HI @Surferosa,


The detection is related to blog: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/adware-operatormac/

To fix the issue with internet, there is no need to restore the items instead, please follow below:
- Go to > System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies

- Uncheck whatever is checked so that it sets to default.

- Restart and check for the internet.

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The issue was caused by the operator mac adware infection that you removed. It will only happen again if you are reinfected with that or similar malware that sets a proxy and a subsequent scan removes it.

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  • Staff

Hi @Surferosa,

The source of these type of threats are usually from freeware applications or fake flash updates.

Users need to pay attention while clicking such pop-ups or installing freeware applications.

If you happen to get this again, Malwarebytes scanner will prompt to restart the computer to complete the remediation, once done the internet issue will be fixed.

In addition, reset the proxy settings as well.

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