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Beta 1.0.777 - what UI changes and fixes were made


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I moved these items from my other posting for visibility.

In the announcement posting it says there are UI changes.  What are these?  I can find nothing that is different.

In the announcment posting it says  some miscellaneous UI defects were fixed?  Which ones?  I have reported several bugs which don't appear to have been fixed.  Not knowing what was supposedly fixed makes it hard to know if there is still a problem or if they just weren't fixed yet.



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  • Staff

Hi guys, providing some details for the UI updates and bug fixes:

UI updates

  • Real-Time Protection:

    • toggles now display transition state while protection is being stopped or started

    • block reports updated to Malwarebytes 4.0 theme

  • Dashboard/home page: Subscription count-down messaging now display in pop-up windows so that the current protection state is always visible

  • Settings:

    • Play mode: simplification for adding new apps

    • Exploit protection: Advanced settings updated to Malwarebytes 4.0 theme


UI bug fixes

  • UI crashes when opening quarantine

  • Hardware acceleration results in blank UI for some display adapters

  • Scan reports

    • items scanned count under specific conditions

    • Scan type not always reported correctly

    • Items scanned not always correct

    • missing summary details for some detections

    • missing advanced details for some detections

  • Notification Center

    • Accessibility issues

    • Typos

  • Settings

    • Windows Security Center not honoring Restore defaults

    • Notifications: Close notification interval translation issues

  • Advanced scanners page translation issues

  • In-app cart not displaying correct for some x64 machines

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Thanks much for this info.  Would be nice if this kind of info was given when the update is first announced so we know what to test.  For the three issues I mentioned, they were not included in the fixes so there was no need to test them.  More info is always better than less so we are not in the dark.



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