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Program False Positives can't be excluded in 4.0.4??


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I am getting multiple real time false positives daily on a program in a suite of remote access software.  A new instance of the program is created every time it runs, so MWB puts 9 or more entries in quarantine every day and I get to watch the individual pops up telling me about a false positive breaking my work concentration - IT IS NOISE!

Who decided in 4.x that MWB was gonna be dumbed down to the point where individual users have to post their false positives to these forums and you guys decide to either add it to your global list  of exclusions, or we are out of luck.  You must have a fair number of people reporting individual websites that should be flagged on the users whitelist but you have removed that. 

The file in question is: BHV.EXE 
it is a software component of LabTech Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Platform by ConnectWise Capital.

And if there is a way for me to exclude or whitelist myself, I would certainly appreciate hearing about it.

Thank you.

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It appears the Exclusion List is not interrogated by MWB when it stops real time threats, only when doing scans (at least that's what is implied in the documentation [scans only] and supported by the evidence).  So I continue to have the same program quarantined a few times a day even though it is clearly defined in my exclusion list.  Please refer to the attached PDF containing screen shots of Exclusion list and Quarantine list from MWB.

Thoughts as to how to exclude the false positive from MWB's real time threat process??

Thanks, and Seasons Greetings to you and yours as well.


12-18-19 Exclusion & quarantine screen shots.pdf

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