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Latest update breaks Photoshop

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Yesterdays update breaks Photoshop CC 2020. PS reports a problem with the Generator function and you cannot export jpg and other picture files. I have tracked the problem down to the Ransomware protection. A work around is to exclude the entire c:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2020 folder from Ransomware detection.

I am on MB  Update Package 1.0.15934 Component Package 1.0.777

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Hello @kado897

I am using PhotoShop CC 2020 on Windows 10 Pro version 1909, 18363.476 and Malwarebytes  Update Package 1.0.15952  Component 1.0.777

I've not had any issues exporting. Can you please explain the process you're using for export as there are a few ways to export from within PhotoShop

Also, can you please provide the following logs so that we can review what might be going on


Thank you


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Actually I take that back. Just started PhotoShop today and I'm getting an error as well. Seems Adobe is sort of aware of it as well but their fix doesn't seem to apply to me or my configuration for PhotoShop. I have also confirmed that disabling our Ransomware Protection module removes the error.



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When photoshop starts I get a message that there is a problem with the Generator. If I dismiss that message I can't use the File->Export->Export As. I get the message again and the export dialog fails to populate. I will produce the logs tomorrow as we are just going into Patch Tuesday updates and I have a number of PCs to update.

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My Photoshop started to display this generator error just yesterday, when it worked flawlessly with Malwarebytes before.
The fix described here (add node.exe to the Allow list) worked perfectly, thank you guys, you're lifesavers.

So I can also confirmed that the latest version of Malwarebytes still has this problem.
Version is, update pack is 1.0.17531

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Malwarebytes version
Update package version 1.0.18152
Component package version 1.0.793
Photoshop 2020 version 21.0.3
...but alas, the Generator problem is still present. Excluding C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2020\node.exe from detection as ransomware only, functions as a workaround though.

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