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Mgmt clients Cant be updated.

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I am having an issue with our MGMT clients , for some reason they cannot get any update and are stuck on the installation version. 

the error that the clients get : 



i checked the Proxy settings and they look ok. how can i find the reason ? 

Please help ?


Thank you .. 



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  • Staff

Hello @Zaza123

This error is notifying the user that the client could not reach the update server. This is caused by several possible items.

  1. Access limiting devices.
  2. SSL proxy / filtering / inspection features blocking connection or allowing access but altering packets.
  3. Proxy in use in Windows but not set within the Malwarebytes program to be used.
  4. Outdated Certificates.
  5. Corrupted Winsock.


Perform the following as needed to address the cases particular root cause(s). Keep in mind, there can be more than one!

  1. Allow the update URL through any access limiting devices.
  2. Explicitly whitelist the update URL for and SSL proxy / filtering / inspection features within a network appliance.
  3. Set the Windows proxy in use into Malwarebytes.
  4. Update the Certificates.
  5. Run a Winsock fix.

Assuming your are using the Malwarebytes Management Console - If your company’s Internet access is controlled by a firewall or other access-limiting device, you must grant access for Malwarebytes Management Console to reach Malwarebytes services. These are:

https://data.service.malwarebytes.com Port 443 outbound
https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com Port 443 outbound
https://hubble.mb-cosmos.com Port 443 outbound
https://*.mwbsys.com Port 443 outbound
https://telemetry.malwarebytes.com Port 443 outbound

At the bottom left corner of the Management Console, what version does it say you have? Go to Policy -> Select the policy your clients are on -> Updater. Are you configured here for "Download signature updates from the Internet"? Click on Proxy inside of here and confirm those settings are correct. Is the proxy also configured in Windows?

In the Management Console, go to Clients, and select one of the affected clients. Under Client Info, what does it say for Managed Client version? How many of your clients are affected?

Please let me know if you are not using a Management Console and are just using the standalone Malwarebytes Anti-Malware instead. Most of the suggested solutions still apply but a few different questions may need to be asked. 

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