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MalwareBytes and AdGuard Premium

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With a strong dislike of ads, I upgraded from the free AdGuard to the paid version. For two days, all was well. Then, for some reason, when powering up my iMac,  AdGuard indicates that it has quit.  So I open the program, click quit, then reopen and it is up and running. A nuisance but not a problem.  Is there a possibility of a start-up conflict?  Again, this is a nuisance and not a problem.  Just looking for information/possible cause.  Could the MB start-up scan cause the shutdown?   It is also possible that powering down causes AdGuard to believe I have quit.  The AdGuard forum suggested I add MB to it's list of programs to not scan but that doesn't make sense to me.  Does anyone here use AdGuard in conjunction with MB?  Any issues?  Thanks.

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I don’t believe there is such a thing as a startup scan, at least all the information I can find indicates that the Windows version doesn’t have such a thing.

I suspect, what you are observing is a scheduled scan that is set to take place while your computer is shut down. In that case it will execute the next time you start it. If that’s the same, you should make sure that any scheduled scan takes place while your computer is normally in operation.

Although I do use AdGuard sometimes, it’s the free version, so I can’t really test to see if I can replicate your situation.

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Everything is running fine.  Once the computer is up and running MB is scanning.  Takes just a minute or two.  As for AdGuard, it too is fine.  Must have just been a hiccup or something.  There is no conflict with the programs. I was just annoyed on those occasions when I had to manually start AdGuard.  Thanks all.

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Just a note here... if anything is blocked by App Block, you would know immediately because you should get a notification from Malwarebytes looking like this:


Make sure that you have allowed Malwarebytes to send you notifications. If you think you may have disallowed that, you can change it in System Preferences -> Notifications. Ideally, you'll want everything turned on for Malwarebytes there, so you never miss important things like detections or product updates.

If you have notifications turned on, and you aren't seeing notifications about something being blocked or detected, that's an indication that it's not a false detection from Malwarebytes causing whatever problem you're seeing.

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