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Need help removing this btcminer/trojan

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Lately my laptop has been running at 90 -100% cpu usage when idle, but as soon as I open task manager it drops to ~10%. So my alarm bells start ringing and I take action immediatly running scans using my premium version of malwarebytes as well as the reccomended farbar recovery tool to get an idea of what is going on. But malwarebytes can't find anything and the farbar recoverytool does not make sense to me so thats why I am making this topic since I need some help reading these logs to be able to take action. The FRST and Addition logs are attached to this post and the malwarebytes log I will copy and paste down below.(I'm sorry the log is in dutch but it basically says it doesn't detect anything)

Thanks in advance!




Scandatum: 03-12-2019
Scantijd: 11:34
Logbestand: 7d6f1fb2-15b8-11ea-9b33-c85b76d404f2.json

Versie componenten: 1.0.764
Update pakketversie: 1.0.15670
Licentie: Premium

Besturingssysteem: Windows 10 (Build 18362.476)
Processor: x64
Bestandssysteem: NTFS
Gebruiker: LAPTOP-TQ26CHFB\tp

Scantype: Aangepaste scan
Scan geactiveerd door: Handmatig
Resultaat: Voltooid
Objecten gescand: 1188743
Dreigingen herkend: 0
Dreigingen in quarantaine: 0
Verstreken tijd: 2 u., 7 min, 59 sec

Geheugen: Ingeschakeld
Opstarten: Ingeschakeld
Bestandssysteem: Ingeschakeld
Archieven: Ingeschakeld
Rootkits: Ingeschakeld
Heuristiek: Ingeschakeld
POP: Detectie
POA: Detectie

Proces: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Module: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Registersleutel: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Registerwaarde: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Registerdata: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Gegevensstroom: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Map: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Bestand: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

Fysieke sector: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)

WMI: 0
(Geen kwaadaardige items gedetecteerd)



Addition.txt FRST.txt

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No not anymore thankfully. I have gotten help in the meantime and I had no malware on my laptop. It just appeared to be some kind of software bug from microsoft which let it seem like it was throtteling but in reality it really wasn't.

Anyway thanks for the response

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