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Master switches not working (not allowing)


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This issue is not immediately reproducible with a different profile (Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.1.4 alone enabled, Firefox 71.0) but after a few throws of switches and other actions, it does occur.

Apologies for the vagueness. Loosely speaking: it sometimes feels something like a cached block.

If you have difficulty reproducing the issue, maybe focus on closing the tab to the non-blocked page then open a new tab and paste the URL. In this situation I can find the block, make a one-off allowance (proceed to the page), close the tab, revisit the page in a new tab and again, find the (malware) block whilst the (malware) master switch is off.

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It quite possibly may be a cached block, as the Windows DNS cache will often cause behavior like this.  Additionally, the Web Protection component takes a while to fully unload from memory as it must remove its driver and all of its database entries from memory/WFP so when testing I would advise waiting at least 30 seconds or so after disabling it before trying to reach the site, and it might also be a good idea to watch your CPU usage after disabling it to ensure that it has calmed down/returned to idle before making another attempt as that is usually a good sign that it has completed the unload process.

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With a refreshed profile and a fresh installation of the extension, I can get a block if an off of the master switch (for malware) is followed by an on of the site-specific switch. I'd describe this as normal, expected behaviour.

If/when unexpected behaviour recurs in a more realistic profile, I'll add a comment here.


There's a subtle, underlying GUI issue that caused me to spend … I don't know how long, with malware protection switched off without me realising it. I'll make a separate topic in due course.

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