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Hacking simple Hello World

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Hi, i was wondering if simple program like hello world wich only prints out hello world can be hacked if it can be? Code(in python) :

print("Hello World") 


Program can be written in other languages it doesn't matter

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By the way malwarbytes say that every program can be hacked, thats why I am wondering about it, because there is for example user input. 

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It would not be the simple printf("string") or other simple programming construct.  Assuming an Interpreted Language, it would be a compromise of the Interpreter's environment that can be the object of a hack attack. This could be the Virtual Machine of Oracle Java or the complex environment of Python.   Other Script Interpreters may be native to the OS such as PowerShell, VBScript and JavaScript as examples.  There the hack may exploit a vulnerability of the Interpreter or the OS itself or a Program Environment such as Microsoft Office where VBA scripting may be exploited.

The more complex the Interpreter's environment, the greater the propensity of there being a vulnerability that may be exploited.  A simple Interpreter such as KiXtart would be less prone and and a more complex one like Python would have a higher propensity.

Such functions used in a compiled language present their own problems such as poor data evaluation for input strings, buffer overflows and compiler bugs.  These can lead to bad programming which could be exploited in a hack attack.




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