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What browsers do members use?


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I've just had an interesting conversation with Porthos and this topic came up. I use Microsoft Edge, not because I like it but because MS have effectively killed off Internet Explorer.

These appear to be the best browsers available, to quote a web article: 

Google Chrome: "for Almost Everyone."
Microsoft Edge: "If you don’t need cross-platform syncing and you want to annotate on web pages." [What the heck does this mean in plain English?]
Opera: "If you are looking for a great web browser and you have not invested heavily in Microsoft." [Again, what does "invested heavily" mean in plain English?]
Mozilla Firefox: "If you are cautious about privacy." [Surely every one is 'cautious about privacy'! Is Firefox better in this respect?]
Vivaldi: "The best browser for Windows 10 if you are a power user." [What's a "power user"]

I'd be very interested to see your comments. Thanks.

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Firefox here on the laptop and Android phone, Opera mini on an old Bada OS phone but only because it won't take Firefox.
I'll very occasionally use IE on the laptop

I don't like Edge and the less said about Chrome the better.
(If you've ever tried to completely uninstall an unwanted Chrome you'll know what I mean, it digs itself in like Japanese knotweed and is about as easy to get rid of).
Haven't tried Vivaldi.

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I primarily use SRWare Iron Portable.  I also keep an up to date copy of Firefox Portable around in case I need it for any sites that don't work with Iron (for instance, Amazon's video streaming which won't play full quality/HD in Iron due to an issue with the DRM/Widevine plugin), and I still use IE11 on extremely rare occasions when needed, though frankly I wish I could use it alone as it is by far the fastest of the 3 (and it's faster than vanilla Chrome as well as Edge also; I know because I tested all of them) and provides unique security and privacy features and detailed controls/settings not offered in other modern browsers.  It's too bad Microsoft decided to abandon IE but from a market share/image perspective I understand why they did.  It just sucks because IE11 really is a great browser, and typically more secure than Chrome or Firefox, both because it is less common these days and therefore less frequently targeted by exploits/malware, but also because of all of the settings and additional controls I mentioned along with some unique security features it includes (Protected Mode for one, though there are many others).

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It depends on what device I use, but here is what I use currently:

  • Windows Devices - Microsoft Edge (Chromium Canary) and supports migrating data from Google Chrome
  • Android Devices - Microsoft Edge (Syncs with my Microsoft account and Edge Chromium)
  • Chromebook - Google Chrome because I don't really have an option here

This all changed for me when Microsoft moved to developing Edge using Chromium. Prior to that, I used Google Chrome across all devices and occasionally used Edge to view PDFs.

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