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What is the correct use of Malwarebytes for iOS?

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I use the Beta 1.4.2

I ask:

  • on iOS, should Malwarebytes always be active?
  • Does it need the background update of the app active  to take effect?
  • Does it  need only one of the two (if so which one?) or it doesn’t need any of it because it works?

Apple Support told me a few months ago to completely deactivated the background update in iOS because it was basically not very useful and only energivorous

Thanks to everyone 

A greeting


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I believe I can address your first question by explaining a bit about how iOS operates differently than macOS with respect to "active" applications. The only app(s) that are active at any give time are the ones you are currently interacting with. All the others have been at least partially loaded into RAM, but are not actually in an active mode. Even with the introduction of iOS MultiTask that lets you quickly move from one app to another with a swipe or use split screen to work with two at once, all the others are basically idle.

AFAIK, the only thing the Malwarebytes app does when active is allow you to change what features are enabled, basically a preference window. You could quit it, but Apple insists that this is totally unnecessary unless the app has become unusable. It doesn't save you an CPU cycles when in the background and memory management will move it aside if it ever needs the space without you ever noticing. I know that sound counter intuitive, but I have that directly form Apple Engineering who should know. I suspect the actual functions which Malwarebytes provides are being accomplished through the use API's that allow iOS to accomplish those tasks whether the app is launched or not.

I don't know specifically about the need for Malwarebytes background updating. I tend to believe what Apple Support is telling you, but we'll have to wait to see what the staff has to say about that. I did check the battery usage and Malwarebytes background energy use is unmeasurable (i.e. less than 1%). I've disabled it just to see if I can sense any difference and will let you know if I do.

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Ok for running MWB in background

but the Setting->General->Update App in Background how should it to be set?

Apple Technical Support suggested me to turn  it off completely for all apps as it is not at all useful and only consumes energy unnecessarily. This would preserve battery life and lengthen the time before it is replaced by this technician.



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