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Since on iOS, any browser uses the Safari engine because forced by Apple, Malwarebytes for iOS protects any installed browser or only Safari?
I ask because I read on internet that some extensions would work on any browser for the above reason, but being read on internet I think the news should be taken with pliers.

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According to the information found on this page, Malwarebytes only blocks sites in Safari so that would indicate to me that Safari is a requirement for Web Protection to function on iOS, however you may be right that it protects any browser based on Safari's engine but I bet it depends on whether or not they are compatible with the same 'Content Blockers' feature used in Safari to enable the Web Protection and Ad Blocking components in Malwarebytes for iOS as shown in this support article.

So basically, I would suggest checking to see if the 'Content Blockers' page/setting is available in your browser, and if so then there is at least a good chance that Malwarebytes' web filtering features will work with the browser in question.

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There is a big difference between the Safari application and the WebKit engine it (and several other apps, such as Mail) use to render html. The Safari app is responsible for accessing web sites, so the Malwarebytes for iOS can probably only work with the app in deciding which ones need blocking. There may be some spillover to other browsers for the adblocking and content features, but I haven't noticed it. My use of other iOS browsers is very limited.

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