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Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.⋯ with Waterfox Classic: double-blocking


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Re: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/251326-strict_min_version-–-compatibility-with-waterfox-classic/?do=findComment&comment=1339845 I' m aware of:

  • just one issue – cosmetic – for Malwarebytes Browser Guard 2.⋯ with Waterfox Classic 2019.10
  • not an issue with Waterfox Current 2019.10.

When temporarily continuing to a blocked site, the block reappears. Just once. For each continuation it's necessary to:

  • continue twice.

Screen recording attached.

From the console, I can't tell what was missing from Firefox 56.0.2 (upon which Waterfox Classic 56.0 was based) that's present in Firefox 57. Any ideas?

If I view CSS alone in the console, there are warnings but no errors. Might one of the warnings be relevant to a case where a click in an extension page causes an unexpected reload of the extension page?


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Thank you for reporting this issue.  I do not know if Waterfox Classic is officially supported by Malwarebytes Browser Guard or not, but I will report this issue to the Product team for review regardless so hopefully they will address it in a future update.

If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


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Thanks. From the linked topic, let's assume:

  • not officially supported

– there's the strict_min_version of 57.0 (i.e. Firefox Quantum). Waterfox Classic falls just below this line, but does include most of what was associated with Firefox 57.0 (through its 56.0.2 origin, plus some backporting).


The double-blocking does not occur when extension version 2.1.3 is added to a new 'MBG' profile.

Neither did it occur following a refresh of a previously affected 'test' profile. After a while, symptoms reappeared; it's this profile in the screen recording above.

Both the test profile, and my default profile, have been through automated Extension Conflict Troubleshooter routines – methodically disabling and re-enabling subsets of extensions.

Whilst there's no identifiable conflict with the off/on method, I don't rule out the possibility of something more subtle causing the misbehaviour – this is (generally) as true for a supposedly pure WebExtensions APIs environment as it is for environments where legacy extensions are in the mix. For this reason I'll limit the MBG profile to Malwarebytes Browser Guard alone, no other extension.

Given the short-lived positive effect of a refresh on the test profile, I cautiously experimented with my default profile. With Waterfox Classic not running, I removed:



– no improvement.


Might it help to compare browser console output from the new, clean, MBG profile without output from the less well-kept test profile?

MBG profile (not yet bugged)

2019-11-24 06:40 MBG profile browser console.txt

test profile (bugged)

2019-11-24 06:43 test profile browser console.txt

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