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Problems with REPORT NUMBER in Italy


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I tried to report an Italian telephone number unknown to me and totally outside my geographic area that tried to contact me and that has a reputation (even with similar numbers) as abandoned call or telemarketing.
The number in question was +39 051 xxxxxx.
When I entered it, the procedure was successful but it was transformed into +39 51 xxxxxx, thus losing the 0 of the prefix of the urban area (specifically the urban area of Bologna).
I then deleted it being inserted incorrectly.
I wanted to ask if it was normal or if there are still problems with Italian numbers?
I thank all those who will clarify my doubts.
Have a nice weekend

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I’ll just point out that this is an informal discussion area. If the issue is critical to your operation, you’d be far better off opening a support ticket where the staff can work directly with you until it’s resolved to your satisfaction.

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I only reported it as feedback, as a beta-tester, and being the first time I try to report a number.

In fact, the zone prefix is cut, so I don't know if, once released for Italy, the app can correctly block the numbers indicated by the users.

It will thus be useless for Italian users because it will not be able to block unwanted numbers; the function will not be usable therefore. If in fact it is registered with a 51 prefix instead of 051 it will not be able to block anything and will make the Call Blocking function (moreover one of the paid ones) completely useless for Italian users.

For more information point out that the area codes in Italy are all composed of two, three or four digits with always a 0 as the first digit, and the Mobile prefixes are all three digits and all start with the number 3 whatever the operator


In the meantime I also opened, as advised by @alvarnell (thank you), a support ticket.


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Beta 1.4.4 (1.8) update receveid.


I tried to report three typical Italian numbers, obviously invented, two  landline phone numbers and one mobile number and the report worked correctly (at least for Italy).

Thanks to @treed , @adas and to all developers.

Now I hope it will be released as soon as possible in Italy, perhaps with the  calls function still in beta, so that more and more users can contribute to populating the database of Italian telephone numbers.

Thanks again

Good day


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