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V3.08 ....... EVERYTHING much easier to see / find



Scan Schedules


Everything that much easier to access ....... now I have to click a box and search for things that used to just be right there on the dashboard.

NOTE: If it ain't broke .... don't fix it






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Settings are accessible from the dashboard by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right.  The only change is that it is now an icon rather than a text label (this is consistent with how most other modern applications provide access to settings and is likely the reason for the change).

Reports are accessible in the new Detection History interface accessible from the main dashboard.  This now requires fewer clicks to access than it did in V3 and is also less buried.  For scan logs, they are accessible by clicking on the new 'Scanner' interface/box and clicking the Reports tab.  Just 2 clicks.

For the scheduler you only need to click the blue text link in the Scanner area of the main dashboard.  The text label that shows the date/time of your next scheduled scan (or 'None' if no scans are scheduled).  This brings up the scan scheduler interface in 1 click from the main dashboard.

I would argue that it is just as easy if not easier than before, however there are simply fewer tabs and text labels now which may be both a blessing and a curse in some ways.  It is a blessing in that it is now far more intuitive for any new users, however for existing users (such as yourself as well as myself) it takes some getting used to in order to find our way around.  I definitely understand your feelings, however I would simply submit that if you look at how these things are accessed now and how it is all organized, it's actually fewer clicks and much easier to get around than the old v3 interface, but only once you've gotten used to the differences from v3.

You can find the full Malwarebytes 4 user guide here for further details on where things are and how to navigate the new UI.

I hope this helps.

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