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Malwarebtes for Mac protection update number

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Hello PaulBostock,

Yes it is. That is the latest Version I am running at this time.



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I am running MB for Mac Premium 4.0.30

The protection is 4.0.436 installed on Nov 06

I am not showing any error messages etc.  All seems fine

I have also confirmed per above that it is the most recent protest action version.

I find it somewhat strange that in over 2 weeks no further protection updates have been issued.

Maybe I am just reading too much into this.  Comments please MB staff.  Thanks

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Hello @PaulBostock:

Perhaps you could select Update Protection from the app pull-down menu.  As well as the application update, the 4.0.437 protection update was also released earlier today.

Did that result in an update?


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Yeah, keep in mind that the Mac threat landscape is very different from Windows, and we don't have to update as often. Sometimes - like right now - things get really quiet for a while and there's no need for an update except every now and then. Then there's a flurry of new adware releases, or some new malware is discovered, and it gets busy again. There's no predicting how often the database will be updated... could be multiple times in a single day, could be once in a few weeks.

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Thanks @treed for your input.  I kinda knew that but my imagination went into overdrive when I saw that I had received no protection updates since installing MB version 4. (even though every thing looked fine.....no error messages etc)

Thanks again.



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