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FollowMee app marked as threat

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My family and I have Malwarebytes Premium installed on our PCs and we have the Malwarebytes app installed on our Android phones, and have had no issues since installation (over a year ago).  A day or 2 ago, we started getting notices that the FollowMee app on our phones was flagged as a threat.  The app was installed from the Google Play store (we don't install from other locations, nor do we side-load anything).  In case our copies were tainted, we uninstalled the app, and then re-installed from the Play store, but the issue continues.  FollowMee is fairly important to us (installed on all PCs and phones).  Hopefully, this is a case of some code being erroneously flagged by Malwarebytes, and not an actual threat.  How can we determine what is happening?

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Hi @AMR1,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  This issue has been resolved and will no longer be detected in future database versions.

The reason for the detection is Malwarebytes for Android is taking a more aggressive stance against stalkerware.

Therefore, apps that used to be clean may now be detected as Monitor.  Monitor is a subset of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), thus it’s NOT considered malware.

The main purpose of detecting these Monitor apps is to make unsuspecting users aware of their presence.  Especially in cases of domestic abuse where abusers have physical access to victims mobile devices.

Thank you for understanding,


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