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Generally speaking, they are unnecessary, which is one reason that Malwarebytes considers them to be PUPs. You should always contact the developer to receive uninstall instructions as they are the only ones who know of everything that they have installed and how to best remove them. If they have no such instructions, you can simply use something like EasyFind or Find Any File and search for both the application and the developers names to find associated files. That is exactly what these app removers do. Just be certain that you don't have more than one application from that developer and trash files needed by the other app(s).

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We do not consider all generic uninstall apps to be PUPs; that is only if they've shown some bad behavior of some kind. If something is detected as a PUP by Malwarebytes for Mac, that is because a human evaluated it and found multiple unwanted behaviors.

However, as Al mentioned, you should not use these generic uninstall apps even if we don't detect them as PUPs. They have a tendency to leave bits behind - or worse, remove things they shouldn't have. The developer of an app should provide an uninstaller for anything that requires one. Such an uninstaller should be packaged with the app and easy to use, such as a built-in uninstall option within the app.

Some apps, such as apps downloaded from the App Store or apps that do not require any special installation, do not require uninstallation and can simply be dragged to the trash.

In some cases, developers will not provide an uninstaller for something that needs one. In such a case, you'll usually find instructions or a downloadable uninstaller on the developer's website.

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