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"Devices and Printers" display issue, Win7

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Regarding the Windows 7 "Device and Printers" Control Panel applet display...

Recently the Icons and Names representing hardware devices are no longer specifically defined but are now showing a generic name of "Device" with an anomaly for two printers.

Here is display in one Windows 7 Profile where they no longer display properly.


Here is the same display, the correct display, using a different Windows Profile ( different user logged-on )



Specifically the CA-200 ( multi-memory card reader ) and USB 2.0 Storage Device show as just "device".  The same happens as when I turn on an eSATA Western Digital MyBook external hard disk. 
As well as the two Epson AIO don't show in the Printers and Faxes list.

I can't figure out what in my Profile is causing these devices to be improperly displayed but not when I login as another user.   Dunno.gif.e0b8be0c3c4018c29e394efa4f71ce15.gif


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22 minutes ago, sman said:

better to re-install os ..

Not really.  That's a cop out solution.  It would be like I a have a flat tire than keeps getting flat.  Instead of fixing or replacing the tire, I replace the whole car.

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Drivers are installed in the OS.  Profiles inherit hardware configurations. 

The CA-200 and the USB hard disk are connected via USB.  The two Epson are IP Enabled. 

The Western Digital MyBook is connected via eSATA.  There is only one eSATA port.

I'll try the USB v2.0 USB HD and see if that gleams some information.

Thanx FF.

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Maybe try deleting/refreshing the list of removable devices/storage in your profile in the registry?  I seem to recall some issues with drive letters and proper device identification being resolved by doing that when problems occurred with removable storage devices (like flash drives, card readers etc.), and I bet at least your eSATA drive and possibly the printers too, assuming they are hot-swappable/removable, might also be prone to the same issues (I assume it can happen to any removable device type that can be hot-plugged/removed without requiring a system restart).  I just don't know where that info would be stored in the registry, but theoretically there should be some way of finding it and there might even be a tool that can scan for such a thing and show you any missing/obsolete devices and drive letters.

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5 hours ago, Porthos said:

There was a recent update that did the same thing on 10. Could be an issue with 7 as well.

This is certainly possible.  I noted there were quite a few core system components updated in the most recent rollup issued by Microsoft (and unfortunately I believe it also contained some 'reminders' about the pending expiration of Windows 7, though I have yet to see any of them, but as the EOL approaches I fully expect to).

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Xiexie ni all...

I have tried all suggestions from Post #19 and on with derivatives of Post 22 suggestions to no avail.

I will note that all hardware unquestionably work. 
It is only the Device display in the Control Panel applet "Devices and Printers" in one Win7 Profile that is askew.    uhm.gif.018ef497abb68f84121e44b6e62b7f30.gif

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