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Aggressive exe download blocking


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Since the inception of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard (a.k.a Browser Extension), protecting users from malicious websites has been the key goal.At the same time, Malwarebytes Research labs has made many improvements in detection techniques, some directly related to "Suspicious Downloads."If a user attempted to download an EXE file from a website our heuristics categorized as malicious, Browser Guard would block the download and trigger a “Suspicious Download” block page.

Because more malicious actors are using EXE files to infect users, Browser Guard is also protecting you more aggressively. Our extensive whitelist will help to prevent false positives (FPs) in websites that use domains names (www). However, we do expect a small number of FPsin websites using IP addresses.

How do I bypass FPs? 

  • Temporary exception can be made by clicking "I want to continue to this site anyway"
  • Permanent exception can be added by check marking "Do not block this site again for suspicious download" and clicking "I want to continue to this site anyway" 

As always, you can report FPs to the Malwarebytes forums, and we will be happy to help. 

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Awesome, you guys might also consider expanding this capability to cover additional potentially malicious file types beyond EXE's such as scriptable document types (PDF, .DOC/.DOCX etc.) as well as .SCR, .COM and .BAT files and other potentially malicious PE and non-PE files known to be used as Trojans/downloaders and the like for malware entry points.

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