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Forum password not working

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Hi - I've encountered a problem with the Malwarebytes Forum recently during a Malware debugging session. Each time I attempt to log into the forum, my password is unrecognised. The only way I can get into it is to click the "forgot password" link, and then manually reset the password to the same one (copy/paste - I have it on a sticky on my desktop now). If I log out, and then log back in that same password no longer functions and I need to go through this process again.

Is there a forum admin able to advise on this please?



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Have you tried using a different (new) password rather than the same one when you reset?

I'm not sure about here but many fora will not let you reset to a previously used password.

Or if they do it will be blocked again the next time you try to log in. (for the same reason it was not recognised in the first place).

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  • Root Admin

Please restart your computer and use another browser @Marc_Foreman

This is a browser issue and how the cookies are being managed, or one or more of your browser extensions are interfering with it. There is no setting on the forum to allow/block user password input. If it works one time it will work the next time. If the software was at fault it would affect all users. This has come up a few times and if you look it always turns out to be some setting or extension on the user's computer.

Thank you


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Hi - thanks for your advice, but it turns out the problem was much more fundamental. It was me. 🙂

I had been placing my email address into the "Display Name" field at login. It was only just now that I realised the display name was a different variable. I've corrected this and now all works correctly. Thanks very much for that.

Best regards,


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