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PC Immunization

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hello to all

My questions are very simple :) .

Before I was using MBAM, (or tring to use :) ) I was using Spybot with teatimer actived and with regulars updates / immunization. I have been infected very rarly during several years of usage

1- did you consider Spybot as a complementary tool to MBAM or Spybot is not requested anymore ?

2- is it really interesting to have an immunization mode

3- Did MBAM offer an pro-active protection?

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Hello again Lecopi :) .

I still use Spybot's Immunazation feature and find it to be a very effective additional layer of protection :) .

MBAM does indeed offer a pro-active protection. It is offered in the form of a lifetime license for a one time fee of $24.95 US dollars and can be purchased here. Also note that if you have more than one computer that you want to protect with MBAM that you will need to purchase a seperate license for each PC. When you buy more than one license you receive a discount as follows:

Qty. Unit Price You save

1 $24.95 0 %

2 $22.45 10 %

3 $19.95 20 %

4 $18.23 27 %

5 to 9 $17.50 30 %

10 to 20 $16.75 33 %

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