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Something is wrong with my WiFi/ Internet

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I was trying to look up a file when I accidentally hit my Network Button.

My Network on my computer came up

It had * Steves Fire TV Stick in my Network.

I don't have a Fire TV Stick

So I try to look in my WiFi router to see what is going on. It does not let me in.

So I freak out and Buy another Wi Fi router.

It was working, and it showed a unknown device and was wanting a pin number for it.


I just looked and after buying a AX 1500 Next Gin Wifi, I can not get into that Wi Fi to see what is going on.


The Cable Company has a small Netgear thing with 3 green lights before I have my AX 1500 Next Gin Wi Fi plugged into it

so I can get Wi Fi


Anyway on my Network it shows a Arris DG 1670A router and it has a log in page - for the Arris router which I don't have

That Arris DG 1670A router is NOT my router

I dont know where that is

The Wi Fi router I am using is AX1500 Next Gen Wi Fi 6 router that does not even show in my Network on my Computer (a Windows Vista computer)

and when I try to go to the AX1500 Wi-Fi6 Link to sign into my Wi Fi router it says:

Trying to configure the router ?

It looks like you aren't contacted to your TP-link Network

Is this Arris DG 1670A router a Hacker's Router ? Or Suddenlinks ? 


Note: we do have TIVo - Is the TIVo the Arris DG 1670A router ?

I do have Suddenlink for Cable and Internet

What should I do ?

I don't have a Steves Fire TV Stick. Yet in my computer (Which does not use WiFi ) which has a line to my new WiFi router -

does now not even know it is hooked to that new router and wont let me log into the new router, just like it would not let me

log into the old router i took out a few days ago.

When I click the router that shows up in my Network (On my Computer ) it says Network device is a Arris DG 1670A router and is not my New AX1500 Next Gen WiFi 6 router

I am not getting WiFi through suddenlink , just Internet because Suddenlink charges a monthly fee for thier WiFi so I bought a WiFi router at Walmart ( AX1500 Next Gin WiFi 6 router)


The Router that I took out a few days ago was a Netgear - it was doing the same thing.

How can I get into my New Router ?

What is going on ?




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I figured out where that router is, it is a Suddenlink router that my internet comes in on :)

Now I need to figure out where * Steves Fire TV Stick is as I don't have a Fire TV stick

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It sounds like one of your neighbors is getting onto your network using your internet.  You need to work with your cable provider to secure everything.  It all needs to be updated with the latest firmware, set to the strongest security (likely WPA2) and to be configured with a strong password to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing it.

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By the way, you could even set up MAC address filtering, though it isn't the most powerful security feature, it should at least prevent any FireTV sticks from being added to your network.

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