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Something is wrong with my WiFi/ Internet


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I was trying to look up a file when I accidentally hit my Network Button.

My Network on my computer came up

It had * Steves Fire TV Stick in my Network.

I don't have a Fire TV Stick

So I try to look in my WiFi router to see what is going on. It does not let me in.

So I freak out and Buy another Wi Fi router.

It was working, and it showed a unknown device and was wanting a pin number for it.


I just looked and after buying a AX 1500 Next Gin Wifi, I can not get into that Wi Fi to see what is going on.


The Cable Company has a small Netgear thing with 3 green lights before I have my AX 1500 Next Gin Wi Fi plugged into it

so I can get Wi Fi


Anyway on my Network it shows a Arris DG 1670A router and it has a log in page - for the Arris router which I don't have

That Arris DG 1670A router is NOT my router

I dont know where that is

The Wi Fi router I am using is AX1500 Next Gen Wi Fi 6 router that does not even show in my Network on my Computer (a Windows Vista computer)

and when I try to go to the AX1500 Wi-Fi6 Link to sign into my Wi Fi router it says:

Trying to configure the router ?

It looks like you aren't contacted to your TP-link Network

Is this Arris DG 1670A router a Hacker's Router ? Or Suddenlinks ? 


Note: we do have TIVo - Is the TIVo the Arris DG 1670A router ?

I do have Suddenlink for Cable and Internet

What should I do ?

I don't have a Steves Fire TV Stick. Yet in my computer (Which does not use WiFi ) which has a line to my new WiFi router -

does now not even know it is hooked to that new router and wont let me log into the new router, just like it would not let me

log into the old router i took out a few days ago.

When I click the router that shows up in my Network (On my Computer ) it says Network device is a Arris DG 1670A router and is not my New AX1500 Next Gen WiFi 6 router

I am not getting WiFi through suddenlink , just Internet because Suddenlink charges a monthly fee for thier WiFi so I bought a WiFi router at Walmart ( AX1500 Next Gin WiFi 6 router)


The Router that I took out a few days ago was a Netgear - it was doing the same thing.

How can I get into my New Router ?

What is going on ?




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It sounds like one of your neighbors is getting onto your network using your internet.  You need to work with your cable provider to secure everything.  It all needs to be updated with the latest firmware, set to the strongest security (likely WPA2) and to be configured with a strong password to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing it.

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The Suddenlink Tech said he had never seen anything like it before

In My home network (On my computer that does not have WiFi a Windows Vista)  it shoes a Suddenlink Arris DG1670A router in my Network

There is not a Suddenlink Arris DG1670A router in my house. 

I have a Suddenlink Modem with a Phone connection.


My home Network shows a Suddenlink Arris router in my Network and when I try to sign in to the WiFi Router that I bought

at Walmart a AX1500 the log in page goes to the help page and when I try to sign into the AX1500 using the AX1500 IP Address it goes to the Arris Router Log in page.

The Arris DG1670A (Wherever It is) is Broadcasting WI Fi Signals (Because you can see them in my house)


When this First happened that I know of, I took out my Netgear WiFi Router and Bought the AX1500 WiFi router at Walmart and set the AX1500 up with new Passwords and everything.

My Phones/Kindle etc are getting WiFi from it - I just cant get access to it as when I try it goes to the Arris DG1670A router


Side note: The Suddenlink Modem with phone I have is also a Arris Brand

And I see a small Netgear thing with 3 green lights it says Netgear MoCa Adapter 


I went to the Suddenlink Office and they are preplexed

They keep saying it must be on my side, all I have on my side is a stand alone computer that does not accept WiFi only a hard line that goes to my Suddenlink Arris Moden

and then to my AX1500 WiFi Router then to my Computer , I have a TIVO annd a Mini TIVO and 

( a couple cellphone and a kindle plus a laptop that only uses WiFi (The WiFi from the AX1500 for the phones, kindle and laptop)


So how is a WiFi Router not inside my house over powering my AX1500 router so it is in my Network with Steves Fire TV Stick ?

And I can't get it out of my Network and the Suddenlink Techs  don't know what to do ether - they say hire a computer tech to look at my computer

I am thinking its not my system its what is coming in somehow



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Wow, that is strange.  It sounds like perhaps somehow one of your neighbors has hijacked your network and perhaps attached their wi-fi router as an access point on your network, thus stealing your connection.  I don't know what the solution would be beyond trying a reset on everything and trying to secure it all again, perhaps using MAC address filtering (whitelisting) so that only the devices you specify are allowed to connect to your network.  It isn't full-proof of course, as MAC addresses can be spoofed, but at least it would keep things like that FireTV stick off your network because there's no way to change the identity/MAC address of a limited device like that (the only potential risk would be for your neighbor or whoever it is infiltrating your network to use a PC to spoof one of your PC's on the network to get access, but the chances of that succeeding are low, especially if you use a wired connection for your PC).

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I don't know, but I would suggest seeking assistance from someone who specializes in networking because it sounds like your network is constantly getting infiltrated by a neighbor's devices.  If it were me, I would disable all wi-fi in my home by disabling the wireless capabilities of the modem/router in the meantime and just connect my PC wired for the time being until the issue is resolved.

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There is a device called Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000 v2 with 3 green lights on it that Suddenlink Techs put in (I don't know when)

It is over by the Arris Modem/Phone and My AX1500 WiFi Router

Internet search says:  its ideal for connecting multiple devices in a home network

I am wondering if that could be part of the issue ? 


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As a side note: On my previous Netgear WiFi Router (That when Steves Fire TV Stick showed up in my Network) that I took out

I would look in it on my Computer and I could see it say * DOS Attack over and over and so on - where you see what is going on.


And why I got that router -

One day a message poped up on my computer asking if I wanted to share my files with my XBox ?

I dont have a XBox !


So I looked in my Network on my computer and it showed a Xbox

So I freaked out and went and bought a new Netgear Router and the Xbox vanished from my Network


That's when I looked in that Netgear Router from my Computer and it said * DOS Attack over and over etc


That seemed to have solved the issue

(Maybe it was just a bandaid - or a blindfold )


Now when I use the Link to sign into my AX 1500 router it says:

Trying to configure the Router ?

It looks like you aren't connected to your TP-Link Network

To access tplinkwifi.net, your device must be connected to TP-Link Router's Network. Please check your network connection and try again


Then when I use the AX 1500 IP Address to sign in instead of going to the AX 1500 instead it goes to Arris Router which shows up in my network yet is not inside my house.

(There is a WiFi broadcast from the neighborhood inside my house from that Arris Router)


So, I am wondering about the  Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000 v2 which online it says connects all the devices in your house on your private network.


I did search online and the Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1001(Which is different(Older versionI am guessing) than  Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000 v2

Anyway Netgear MOCA Adaptor 1001 Documentation says you need to set up password etc or someone can get on your Network

It also has:

• To enhance your MoCA network security. If the Coax-Ethernet Adapters shown in the MoCA Devices menu (see “Viewing Statistics” on page 3-8) include a device which is not intended to be part of your MoCA network, it means some other user has connected to the network. You can either change the encryption key (see “Setting Up Security” on page 3-10), or change the channel frequency as described in this section to resolve the issue. However, changing the channel frequency may slow the speed of your network because multiple MoCA networks share the bandwidth on a given channel (End Quote)

I think that Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000 v2 is a WiFi device , so it could be where the connection is coming from.


I dont think it is coming from my AX 1500 WI Fi router because it started before I got that.


The only 2 places it could be coming from one is my hard line where the internet comes into my house

The 2nd might be that  Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000 v2 since I think it sends and receives WiFi (I am not 100 percent on that it is WiFi but it is something)









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A MoCA adapter is for Cable networking that runs over RG6 type 75 ohm coaxial cable.  While Twisted-Pair Ethernet is limited to 100 Meters ( 100M ), Coaxial cable can have much greater length.  Using a MoCA adapter one could connect an 1Gb/s Ethernet cable to a RG6 type 75 ohm coaxial cable which can run much further than 100M and have much greater immunity from noise and and have another MoCA adapter connected to an Ethernet Switch ( some MOCA adapters contain a 4-port Ethernet Switch ).



For example.  Using MoCA Adapters, one could connect two building's networks together by a coaxial cable separated by 750 feet ( 228M ).  As mentioned, coaxial cable has a much greater immunity to radio noise than Twisted Pair Ethernet and it is limited to 100M ( 300 feet ).  My ActionTec Router on Verizon FiOS is a MoCA Router as the Optical Network Terminal ( ONT ) is based on  MoCA and the Motorola set Top Box is MoCA compliant so it gets an IP  from the Router. 

When one connects to a standard cable Internet Provider, the MODEM that is provided is a DOCSIS based modem.

Netgear MOCA Adaptor MCA 1000


So to understand the way your network is setup requires a map of the topology.  That is a diagram of how the components of you local network ( LAN ) are connected together, what are the components make and Model, and how the local network ( LAN )  is connected to to the Internet describing the make and model of the hardware used and how you access the Internet ( Cable, Fiber, Satelite, xDSL, etc ) and who that Internet provider is.

Edited by David H. Lipman
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I found a Moca Fourm


Someone said this: (Quote)

Unless you enter a security code into your TiVo, MoCA has no security at all. Say that again. NO SECURITY AT ALL EXCEPT PHYSICAL SECURITY.

If you buy a TiVo MoCA Bridge, you cannot enter a security code into the bridge. So if you have a Bolt, for example, with a security code entered, the Bolt can't communicate with the Bridge. To use the bridge, you must remove the security code from the Bolt. Same with Roamio, Mini etc.

If you have FIOS, that's no problem, because your COAX network is completely isolated from the fiber by the FIOS modem.

However if you have a COAX cable network, like Comcast for example, the same COAX in your house runs out to the junction box in your neighborhood, where all the COAX for all your neighbors is connected together. IF YOU TAKE NO PRECAUTIONS, all your neighbors can access your internal network, just like they were plugged into your Ethernet.

If you have a TV antenna, the MoCA signal is fed to the antenna, where it is broadcast to the world. The signal is not very strong, and it won't go very far, but it will be sent over the airwaves, much like WiFi, but w/o a password. It's not easy to do, but a determined hacker could put up an antenna nearby and access anything on your home network.

YOU PROTECT YOUR NETWORK by placing a MoCA Filter between your internal network and the outside world. TiVo probably has the best MoCA filter available for doing this. It blocks the MoCA signal going both in and out of your home w/o significantly reducing TV and Internet signals you receive from the cable company or or the TV signal you receive through your antenna. The TiVo filter drops the MoCA power by 70 Db. That reduces the level of the MoCA signal by a factor of 3000. It might not stop the NSA, but it will stop any neighborhood hacker. Other popular filters reduce the signal by a factor of about 100, which is probably good enough. But if you are paranoid—a good thing when it comes to Internet security—consider the TiVo adapter which is 30 times better and costs a few dollars more.

If have you have Cable TV, delivered through a COAX cable, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS install a MoCA filter between your internal home network and the outside COAX network. If you use a TV antenna, it's less important, but you should probably put a MoCA adapter between your home network and your antenna as well.

(End Quote)


I need a Moca Filter , I did a search on Google it says that 10.00 device protects your security from hackers



I will go over to Suddenlink today and talk to them again

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That was frustrating

I went over there and they keep saying its my computer/Wifi over and over

Its not the Moca Filter that Moca Filter would not cause that


So they call the Tech that came over and who said (* I never seen anything like that ! ( When he was here)

and asked him if there was a Moca Filter on my system

He said * Yes, behind the Modem !

I took photos of every connection behind the modem

First it says on it * Two way digital splitter

Next one says Regal 2 Way Digital Splitter

Next one says Reagal 3 way spliter


I look online at what a Moca Filterr looks like - There is noting like that hooked  anywhere on the wires

And the Tech said it was just behind the modem - just behind the modem is a wire hooked to the modem that goes to a two way digital splitter that goes outside to another two

way splitter then to a 3 way and then out to the pole

Nope No Moca Filter

They did not want to instal it because they said it was not needed and I already have one - because the tech said I did - even if it was needed

I took Photos of all that and they refused to look at them.

They said I can schedule another appointment to send another Tech out (They set it for ether the first part of the day or the second)

I have to be here (Of course the times I am here they cant come) so it may be until the last week of the month before I have a open day (Hopefully sooner)


They keep wanting me to hire someone to look at my computer / WiFi  which the computer person would have to come to my house so

they would want more dollars $$$

As Suddenlink keeps insisting its my WiFi its my Computer thats the problem that it could not possibly be the Moca Filter

I am somewhat doubtful they would replace the fee to the computer guy if it is thier stuff that is the problem

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2 hours ago, David H. Lipman said:

So to understand the way your network is setup requires a map of the topology.  That is a diagram of how the components of you local network ( LAN ) are connected together, what are the components make and Model, and how the local network ( LAN )  is connected to to the Internet describing the make and model of the hardware used and how you access the Internet ( Cable, Fiber, Satelite, xDSL, etc ) and who that Internet provider is.


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Hooray !

While was mapping my system out, Suddenlink knocked on the door :)


The main person and a Tech came over and started figguring out what is going on

They put a MoCa Filter on and everything works right now !


It WAS the Moca Filter - My TIVO Moca system and the Neighbors were crosstalking like a CB Radio

You have to have a Moca Filter


When they Instal TIVO they are suppose to also put in a MoCa Filter and they did not.


It would not surprise me if I am the only person in town with a MOCa Filter or at least one of the very FEW TIVO owners to have one here.


Anyway it is fixed now :) 


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That's awesome!

And even better that you yourself figured out the cause of the problem before they (the 'professionals') did!  It's an odd issue to be sure, but it makes perfect sense.  I kept wondering how your neighbor was able to get their FireTV Stick onto your network like that since such a device wouldn't have the 'hacking' capabilities that an actual PC would.  The whole thing seemed very strange, and I was starting to suspect that maybe your neighbor had somehow tapped/split the line into your home or something, but who would have thought that it was a simple matter of a filter and the two networks crosstalking to one another that caused all this mess.  I guess you can never tell what sort of oddities can come from old copper lines (I know I've had my share having been on DSL from the phone company for the past 15 or so years; I've seen LOTS of strange behaviors and 'won' my share of arguments with their techs too when they would inevitably claim it was something on my end, only to discover that nope, yet again, it was them meaning they were wasting not only their own time, but mine as well in troubleshooting the issues at the wrong place).  Once it was a short in their lines along the street, another time it was a problem with the wiring going into the apartments where I live, and another time it was an old/worn out node in one of their boxes out on the street that my connection was passing through, and every time they fixed it by performing maintenance on their own equipment, never once having to modify or replace anything inside my actual home, yet they always insist on the visit.  Oh well, it's their time and their money that they're paying their techs to wander around my apartment looking confused because they can't find anything wrong with my setup.

Anyway, I'm glad you finally got it fixed, and in the process taught us (or at least me) about an issue I was completely unaware of.  MOCa Filters; who knew?

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All that took place because a Cable Installer took a shortcut and did not do what they were suppose to do at the very beginning.

So because of that, I had to buy 3 WiFi routers to try to fix it (Which did not fix it) 


And I am doing a guess at almost 10 years of issues that may or may not be related to that

(Random static on TVs , Ghost recordings on TIVO - the Tech said you see things on TIVO that you did not record and

you cant delete them because they are not on your TIVO, they are on the neighbors TIVO - My Wife said that yes there

are a few things on our TIVO that she cant delete - after the fix , now those things are no longer there )


Like I said, it would not surprise me if they did the very same thing to good many (If not almost all) of thier customers - just because they did

not install that tiny moca filter as just to much trouble and a good way to short change customers





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