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Alright, so, I hope this is in the right-enough place but I jumped through enough hoops shy of just joining Twitter to share a screen cap. Right now I'm busy dealing with house repairs and the like so this isn't something I'm out to spend oodles of unpaid time on. Avast seems to be pretty F'd up from this recent cloak and dagger password grab crap I was trying to read up on when this malware started in on it's routine. Not sure if this bug got around through their compromise or it just flea-jumped through a website earlier today. I wouldn't doubt it as I tried to read a site on possible repairs and it portaled from 'you're not a bot?' to an ad website to my chagrin. Anyway hope y'all do well and continue to do so, just showing proof today-updated Malware Bytes isn't picking up on it.


I checked around lightly for a fix, tried to adjust my browser to block it and ran MWB and Hitman Pro as they suggested before doing anything further. Out of trial times on Hitman though so this is all I'm working with but if need be I'll try to clean things out with other methods. Anyway, it's traffsend.me malware apparently, if it isn't additionally rage inducing I can try to trudge up a sample of it to post on the 'samples for experts' section later on but I'm not dealing with it further right now, otherwise I might spend all winter coming up with a de-worming worm because even these low-rent black hats are earning my bad attitude.


Hope it helps someone somewhere with something, or something, I'll change browsers and all that jazz when my head's in that place.


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