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Websites not being blocked - is my Malwarebytes installation broken?

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Hi,  I was reading another thread


And..  I was interested in the sites listed at the Malwarebytes Threat Center to see if my new shiny V4 Malwarebytes was doing its stuff.  I went to each of the top10 blocked sites and none of them were blocked at all.  FYI I am using the latest Chrome build with uBlock Origin and the Bitdefender Trafficlight (neither of these blocked them either):





I don't have Kaspersky installed at the moment (I removed it due to the issues with the Kaspersky Patch (e) so wanted to start a brand new thread.  I do have Bitdefender Free Installed (with all the appropriate mutual exclusions added to Malwarebytes and Bitdefender).

I also disabled Bitdefender to see if that was having an effect but the sites all still loaded just fine. I then disabled uBlock Origin in Chrome to be sure and I could still get to them all (most of them anyway - some were not reachable).

Have I mis-understood something or is something bot working right for me?





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Please see the following page to help determine if there is an issue.


If you are using our Malwarebytes Browser Guard you will need to temporarily disable it to get the following message block from the program



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Hi there.  Well the iptest website is being blocked as intended but I am getting these top 10 websites that I thought Malwarebytes blocked from your own Threat Centre.

Its probably a mis-understanding on my part but should not all of the websites in the https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detection/domain/ list also be blocked?

Like I say - probably my mis-understanding.





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