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Should I upgrade to MB4? Or stay with MB3?

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I've been running the beta (in free mode, scans only) since around June without any real problems, and have just installed the RTM v4.0.4.

Scans have always been noticably faster than with MB3.

I also like the new GUI, there has been criticism of the new layout but I think that's mainly a case of getting used to the new look and where things are.
The transformer like robot in the graphics was a major bone of contention for some, but I notice that he's been banished from the fully released version.

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So is this version a free upgrade from version 3, as I have a Lifetime Licence which shows as "Never Expires in my Account Details" ??

Also is it best to remove version 3 and do a clean install of Version 4, or is it okay doing an over install of version 3 and if so will all settings and exclusions etc be picked up on the new version 4.


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Yes, it is free for anyone with an existing license/subscription.  Please refer to this FAQ entry for more details.

You can just install it over the top of version 3 and it should import all of your settings and exclusions.

If you have any trouble or if you have any further questions please let us know.


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Upgraded 3x Windows 7 machines on an over-install of version 3 and all have carried over all the exclusions, including Kaspersky and all the other saved settings from version 3.

Running Kaspersky Total Security and no problems up to now.

One thing I did notice on the install setup on all machines is that the install quits half way through and the already installed Version 3 opens up, after closing 3 down and re-running the version 4

setup it installed correctly, maybe a glitch on the installer as it replicated on all three installs on windows 7. Still got a windows 10 laptop to do.

The interface is very easy to navigate although the GUI is a little bright with it being mainly white background, but that's being picky.

Full Scans seem to be roughly the same time to do as version 3, but again no big deal.

Generally I like it as it doesn't seem as cluttered on the GUI to me, will see if anything crops up in the next few days, but up-to now all looks good.

Many thanks

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On the last machine, when the installer runs and then seems to close and open version 3, it's actually giving you the option to upgrade from within version 3 and uses the same install interface once you check for version updates.

My bad   :welcome:

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Hehe, yep, I ran into the same issue (twice; once with the beta, and once with the final release).  I ended up having to reboot and install v4 manually on my system but once I did that it installed v4 and imported all my settings from my previous install and everything has worked fine ever since.  There's a bug in the upgrade routine that causes this to happen sometimes, and that's likely the reason for all the reports of issues some users are experiencing trying to upgrade to v4.

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