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confused about scans with V4 UI

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With the new version 4 UI, I'm a bit confused in regards to what scans are done in different places.

On the main window in the Scanner section there is a Scan button.  Does this do a quick scan or a threat scan?  I assume it is a threat scan, is that correct?

If I click on the Scanner section, a new window pops us called Scanner.  On this window there is a Scan button.  Does it do a quick scan or a threat scan?  I assume it is a threat scan, is that correct?

If I click on Advanced Scanners, then I see a quick scan and a custom scan.  This is why I assumed the Scan buttons were for a threat scan.  

Maybe the buttons should say Threat Scan rather than just Scan?  

Wouldn't it just be cleaner to have the quick scan and custom scan on the Scanner window rather than being buried another layer deep?

On a related note, I see folks in the forum occasionally refer to a Hyper scan.  Is this the same as the Quick scan?



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Thanks for the link.  I see that it is also accessible via Help in the program.  I feel a little silly for not having looked there.   

I do have a comment about the Help.  I really don't think that the only help for a program should be online, especially a program like Malwarebytes.  What if I need help because I think I am infected and I don't want to connect to my WiFi because I want to make sure I've cleaned up that infection first?  I think the help should really be available even if I don't currently have an internet connection.  Is there any intention of having the help be in the program rather than only online at some point?


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I feel you on that as I use to even write help files many years ago that were incorporated into the program and even context sensitive to where you were in the program. It seems those days are pretty much in the past and online documentation is the way most technology is going. I cannot say for sure but my guess would be that it won't return and be part of the installed application unless something else changes.


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